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 Downhole video

Frontier Logging Corporation offers a "state of the art" TV Survey with a CCV BT9600 dual view camera.
• Surveys are automatically compensated in color.
Side and downhole views are given for enhanced inspection capability.
• Depth capability is 1,400 feet.
• Surveys are recorded using a VCR and DVD.
• The color camera is 3.0 inches in diameter with interchangeable light heads for different diameter casing.
• A separate high resolution remote color monitor is provided in the field for the customer's, "real time" viewing.

If your specific logging or well needs are not discussed here, that does not mean it is not available. Frontier Logging has a wide range of services that can be made to fit a customer’s precise needs and project requirements. For further information or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by Phone, FAX, Snail Mail or E-Mail at the addresses above.

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