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 Geophysical Logging "Environmental"

Geophysical logging also includes that in the Environmental field. We log boreholes for peizio wells, vacuum wells, monitor and recovery wells. We have logged monitor wells at landfill sites as they are opening new cells and at old sites that need to have the screen placement checked.
      This is the primary reason to have all environmental boreholes logged with geophysical probes. The proper placement of the well screen is vital in being assured of a properly functioning well.
         The log example at the left was run inside of 8" hollow stem augers. This method is desired so if the log shows that the hole needs to be deeper, all that is required is to add another joint or two and re-log the hole. As most of these types of projects are charged on a day rate, it doesnít matter how many trips into the augers it takes until the final depth is reached, saving rig time and in the long run, project funds. This log, as the example shows, takes the guess work out of the equation in where to properly set the screens. Little to no recovery in a core barrel or disrupted cutting samples by sand or fluids can make screen setting, even in shallow holes, an unsure guess. The sand zone on the far right of the log pinpoints the exact five (5) feet to place the screens. This not only makes the geologist comfortable in the decision making process, but helps make the site client or manager confident in the clean up efforts.
We have a special Natural Gamma-Ray probe for this work. It has a 1.25" dia. outside with a high resolution detector that is Ĺ" x 4".

If your specific logging or well needs are not discussed here, that does not mean it is not available. Frontier Logging has a wide range of services that can be made to fit a customerís precise needs and project requirements. For further information or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by Phone, FAX, Snail Mail or E-Mail at the addresses above.

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