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 Water Well Logging

Our Water Well logging tool consists of Natural Gamma-Ray (no radioactive source), Spontaneous Potential, Point Resistance, 16" Short Normal and 64" Long Normal Resistance. These five (5) curves are run on one trip into the bore hole. With this tool we can see formation thickness, depths, porosity of water sands. We can also detect undesirables such as high chlorides, and high radioactive zones. Both of which you would like to know about before setting casing.

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If your specific logging or well needs are not discussed here, that does not mean it is not available. Frontier Logging has a wide range of services that can be made to fit a customerís precise needs and project requirements. For further information or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by Phone, FAX, Snail Mail or E-Mail at the addresses above.

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