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 Water Well

The following is Frontier Logging Corporationís recommendations and our standard method for perforating large diameter steel cased water wells to receive the maximum water in-flow. These are wells that have 8 5/8" to 12 3/4" casing with a 2" annulus of cement behind the casing. We have designed and built dual strip shot carriers that place the jet shots, 180 degree phased, within 1/2", or less, of the side of the casing. This allows for maximum penetration through the steel, cement and into the formation. We use 3 1/2" aluminum, 23 gr. jet shots with 80 RDX nylon Prima Cord. These shots have a 0.53" entry hole in the casing with a total of 10" of penetration. For each inch of water that a charge has to pass through before contacting the casing wall, an inch of formation penetration is sacrificed. Therefore, placing the charges as close as possible to the inside casing wall is essential to future water production. The normal placement is four (4) shots per foot in each linear foot of water sand zone.

If your specific logging or well needs are not discussed here, that does not mean it is not available. Frontier Logging has a wide range of services that can be made to fit a customerís precise needs and project requirements. For further information or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by Phone, FAX, Snail Mail or E-Mail at the addresses above.

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