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 Water Well Rehabilitation

Frontier Logging along with Ewbank, Inc coordinate together to rehabilitate water wells. They may be screened or perforated. We have different techniques for each one. We will refit an old turbine well, clean it and install a new submersible system. We have had great success in our process. When we rehabilitate a perforated well, we ream the inside of the casing and reverse circulate the cuttings back to the surface. This takes alot of equipment but the cost is minimal compared to drilling a new well.

If your specific logging or well needs are not discussed here, that does not mean it is not available. Frontier Logging has a wide range of services that can be made to fit a customerís precise needs and project requirements. For further information or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by Phone, FAX, Snail Mail or E-Mail at the addresses above.

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